Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Price is a well known memory foam manufacturer selling its bedding products at Amazon and other major online stores since years. While many customers blindly trust upon the quality of memory foam offered by Best Price, there are a few who always try to read review of each product before purchasing it online. For them, we have crafted a review in which we have reviewed the famous Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen size mattress. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

4 Layers And Extreme Comfort Combined:

Unlike the two layered memory foam mattress available in the market, Best Price’s 8 inch memory foam mattress is a special combination of 2 inch memory foam, 2 inch super foam with pressure points relief and 4 inch high density foam for a deep sleep every night. The craft and manufacturing specialty shows how much comfort & relief this memory foam mattress can offer to sleeper.

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Built-in Pressure Relief System:

While other memory foam mattress rely on memory foam and open cell technology to offer users with a comfortable sleep, Best Price mattress is offering more than just memory foam. They have manufactured a memory foam mattress in which the pressure relief system is already built in. It gently removes pressure from different pressure points like hips, shoulders, feet and offers deep sound sleep every night.

High Density Foam Layer:

The 4 inch density foam layer is although placed at bottom to give a firm and strong support to the softer part of mattress but it does not seem to impress the customers. Many customers have claimed that this mattress is way to firm than it should be. This is because the density of this memory foam mattress is a bit high; although not properly advertised but we can still say that it has density around 3lb which is often related to firm & hard mattresses.

8 Inch Total Size With Guarantee:

It is now common that you buy an 8 inch mattress but when you unpack it, it never goes to its said size and remains somewhere between 7-8inches. But with Best Price memory foam mattress, this is not the case. We have read reviews of most of the customers and they are very happy with the size of this memory foam mattress. They have especially quoted that this memory foam mattress is offering them the exact 8 inch size without any trouble.

Comfortable Temperature Control Sleeping Experience:

The special layer of memory foam remains in normal temperature but as soon as your body touches the surface of bed, it gradually begins to get cooler and softer. It is firm on its own but whenever you will lye down on this mattress, it will start losing its firmness and begin to mold right according to your body shape. This also helps in distribution of weight making it easy for you to have a deep sleep without any kind of tossing or turning in the night. Although other memory foam mattress are offering the same feature but after reading different reviews, we have come to a conclusion that this one is actually delivering what company is claiming to be.


  • >>>8 inch comfortable memory foam mattress (2 inch memory foam, 2 inch soft foam, 4 inch high density foam)
  • >>>Pressure relief points & deep sleep
  • >>>A firm & smooth surfaced memory foam
  • >>>Perfect for young guys and girls out there
  • >>>Long lasting product with positive reviews


  • >>>Odor coming out of the mattress even it is not related to any toxic substances
  • >>>More firm than it should be

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By going through different reviews online, we have found that Best Price memory foam mattress is offering value for its price. Its different layers of memory foam and normal density foam offer great relief for spinal alignment and comfortable sleep every night. Just like other memory foam mattress packaging, it is rolled up and delivered to customers but it quickly gets back into shape. Yes, we have read reviews in which customers are very satisfied with its reshaping and retaining original shape with 2 hours. While other memory foam mattress often take weeks to get back in shape and even most of them never get back to original 8 inch. This one luckily goes to 8 inch in one single day which means no more vacant space on your bed.

As far as the smell of this memory foam mattress is concerned, many of customers found it a bit harsh and canny but some are very satisfied with it. Using a proper bed sheet will eliminate the odor as we think. We cannot compete its quality with some high quality memory foam mattress available in the range of $1000 however; it is not less than any low cost memory foam mattress.

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