GhostBed 11-Inch Latex & Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

GhostBed mattress is constructed from high-quality materials that provide 11 inches of support and comfort. Nature’s sleep offers great comfort as a mattress production supplier compared to traditional retailers. Made in the United States, GhostBed has a top layer of high-quality latex as well another pure layer of Gel Memory Foam. These two layers combine perfectly on a high-density core providing durability and comfort that each sleeper needs. It is well designed to support the alignment of the spine and to ensure a good night rest.

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The mattress arrives in a box and uncovers as you cut away the wrapping tape. Guidelines and digital content are provided by Nature’s sleep for an easy setup. You can also try GhostBed at home without any risk because they offer 101-night return policy; which basically allows buyers to return the product if they do not like it. Nature’s Sleep didn’t stop there! they also added an amazing warranty bonus for 20 years. Obviously, that puts a lot of trust in Nature’s Sleep as an authority leader in the mattress industry for over 15 years.

Density support

The high density of the base layer is 11 inch that not only aims to increase the mattress comfort, but also provide long life durability for consumers from the date of purchase. The steady contour reduces the pressure points in most unlikely areas providing users with an ergonomic sleep. The mattress has a high resistance such that even after a heavy person sleeps on it, the mattress returns easily to its original shape.

The latex foam layer

The plush latex foam layer is about 1.5 inch and naturally sensitive. It provides an ideal level of surface softness and a nice feature of soaking any pressure exerted by the body as well as minimal. The 11-inch mattress comes with a removable cover that wicks away moisture and heat, keeping consumers cool throughout the night.

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Gel memory foam

Extreme temperatures during the night can disrupt sleep time. Therefore, GhostBed Designed a cool sleeping feature by integrating a gel memory foam sheet about 2 inches in height, has a high character decompression. The material is solidly surrounded by the gel beads which absorbs heat from the mattress components and provides smoothness.


In addition to the mattress health benefits of having good ergonomic features is quite affordable and gives value to the consumer for their money. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a mattress and you will find the perfect size for every sleeper as GhostBed offers mattress sizes from twin to California King.

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