Merax Comfortable Sleep Aloe Vare GEL Memory Foam Mattress Review

Selecting a supreme memory foam mattress may seem to be a piece of cake, but it is not. There are numerous factors which need to be given consideration. A multitude of brands galore in the present world and each of them appears to be stunning in one way or the other. They have different fabrics and other exclusive pre-requisites incorporated, and that is what might confuse you more. Considerations have to be given to the overall thickness of the mattress, how soft it is, its layer height, its IFD ratings, whether it is plant based or gel formulated- you may run out of breath, but the list goes on and on. Price is also a factor which one should consider. Taking all these factors, you have to come to a conclusion as it, after all, meant for your beauty sleep.

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So to help you with your ordeal, in this review, I am going to present before you one such option which you might find intriguing. The product which I will discuss here is Merax 11 Inch Comfortable Sleep Aloe Vare GEL Memory Foam Mattress. This is an attractive option which you can purchase. Why-? The answer is just a few paras away.

This mattress is a new introduction to the world of sleeping beds. Its main highlight is that it has Aloe Vare components which make the entire sleeping surface cool and soothing. It is designed in a way to support your entire framework in superlative fashion. The dimension of the product is 80 inch x 76 inch x 11 inch and its overall weight is 87.1 pounds.

The main features:

  • This mattress has 11 inch memory foam which is quilted by a poly Jacquard Aloe Vare This gives you a nice cool and comfortable experience while sleeping.
  • The mattress incorporates foam pillows which in dimension is 30 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm.
  • This has met all the necessary federal flammability standards- namely 16 CFR 1633.
  • This baby is well compressed and is rolled without any issues for easy shipping.
  • The mattress is known for providing fantastic support to your body. It embraces all your body parts and right beneath is a memory foam having a poly core support system which withstands compression and renders adequate body alignment. Hence you get the softness and high quality comfort.

The advantages:

  • The mattress is easy to manage
  • It is incredibly soft and while sleeping you will experience a cool and soothing sensation owing to the Aloe vare components which are incorporated inside.
  • This mattress provides you proper support and is extremely suitable for people who have issues in their mid-ribs of the back portion.
  • The mattress is also quite firm and well rolled out
  • It is also durable and dust resistant
  • It is also quite big in its dimension and accumulates, people of all lengths.
  • The price is also cost-effective

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The disadvantages:

  • On extremely warm days, the mattress is said to get enough warm
  • Some have also complained that the mattress is not as breathable as it is expected to be.

Market feedback

Overall, this mattress is a great purchase. It is convenient in its price and barring one of two issues, people who have bought it are getting their peaceful sleep adequately. So check out the online world for the availability of this mattress and get the rest, which you have longed for so long. So get out there and bring one of these mattresses home!

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