Red Nomad Ultra Premium Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Red Nomad is a memory foam manufacturing company serving the whole globe with its fantastic bedding products including memory foam mattresses and other bedding covers. Just as all other companies selling products online, Red Nomad is also selling its products based on customer reviews and its online reputation. However, an honest expert review can help customers in deciding whether the product is worth buying or it is just being boosted by the fake reviews. Being a pioneer memory foam mattress reviewing firm, we have taken Red Nomad 10″ Luxury Memory Foam Mattress under observation this time and after going through its various faces, we are now concluding this product in a simple and straightforward product review. Let’s have a look at its features and what company claims about it and what it actually offers to the customers?

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A Perfect 10” Dual layer Memory Foam Mattress:

This Red Nomad 10″ Luxury Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect combination of 3” ventilated memory foam layer and a 7” luxury polyurethane base which ensures maximum comfort and relaxing sleep throughout the night. This memory foam is being credited as perfect foam in the market from Red Nomad however customers do not seem to be happy with the quality of memory foam being offered in this product. Although the overall packaging and outlook is great but customers are rating it below 3 a star which is a real set back for a luxury product like this.

Premium Density For Relaxing Feel:

This memory foam mattress comes with a 2.5lb memory foam density which means this mattress should not be considered something that can do wonders when you are going to sleep over. As we have already mentioned in our other reviews that a standard memory foam density ranges from 3lb to 5lb and anything low or higher than this will be considered out of the way. Same is the case with this product. Being only 2.5lb dense, this memory foam is a real hard board for most of the customers. In customer reviews at Amazon, we can clearly see that customers have announced this experience of sleeping over this mattress is like sleeping over hard board. A big 10” memory foam mattress which has the tag of being “LUXURY” must have had some good normal density suitable for a classic life style. For us, Red Nomad has this weak point which is making this product a straight flop.

Upgrade Ventilation For Better Temperature Control:

Red Nomad claims that they have generated a modern ventilated memory foam layer in upper top of the mattress to ensure that sleeper may enjoy a tension free sleep. This ventilated layer has capacity to control temperature by allowing air to pass through the holes and pores. Whenever you will sleep on this memory foam mattress, it will automatically control the temperature of mattress in response to your body’s temperature. And for company, the end result would be a relaxing, comfortable sleep for the rest of the night. However, when we went through different customer reviews, we have found that this product is not offering what it should be. Most of the customers are planning to sell it again even after one week of purchase. According to reviews, most of the customers have stated that their memory foam mattress heated up after a few hours of sleep and they had to remove the duet to let things cool down.

A Zipper Washable Bamboo Cover:

Bamboo is famous for its eco-friendly nature and it is now being used in most of the products to increase their value and meet the latest trend of “save Nature” program. This memory foam comes with a proper certificate of CertiPur-US and it has a special bamboo zipper cover that is easily removable and washable. You can wash it or remove it without any hassle. This is a plus point in this product but of course no one buys a memory foam mattress just for the cover. Customers need comfort and luxury which is nowhere seen in this product.

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Customer Reviews:

At Amazon and other online shopping stores where Red Nomad is currently selling its products, we went through different customer reviews. One thing which was surprising for us is that customers have called the 5 star reviews fake ones because according to them their experience with this memory foam mattress was simply pathetic. They bought it just because of those 5 star reviews but once they bothered to sleep over it, they realized its real value. Other reviews were also not sufficient as customers have been found complaining about the product since the day they have bought it.


After going through everything online and testing it, we must say that this product is not offering value for money. Most of the customers are not satisfied with the product and its quality and that is why it is hard for us to recommend this product for anyone out there.

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