Signature Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Signature is a memory foam manufacturing company which provides different mattress in different sizes and qualities to its customers. Signature Company is famous for its genuine quality memory foam manufacturing quality and it is the only company which release most models of memory foam products every year. Today we are going to review the famous Signature Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress. Let’s check out its salient features:

The Perfect Memory Foam Layer:

Signature sleep 8 inch memory foam mattress is made up of two special layers; a 2inch memory foam mattress top & 6inch high density foam. Both layers are bind together in a perfect looking soft and breathable fabric cover which makes it a must have for kids & firm mattress lovers. This memory foam mattress is also available in 12inch & 6inch thickness to meet your comfort needs throughout the year. If we are looking for a variety in one single memory foam mattress then this mattress is worth buying because it is offering 3 different measurements. The high density foam layering at the bottom of this memory foam mattress is basically to provide proper support to above section so that it does not bend whenever a heavy sleeper hits the bed.

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Comfortable With Balanced Support:

This 8 inch memory foam mattress comes with a density of 2lb which is the most basic density level for a memory foam mattress. It is a firm mattress which provides maximum comfort and firmness to human body. Its special 2 inch memory foam layers provide extra relaxing comfort to your body joints, relieves pain and adjusts the body weight evenly. If you are having a sensitive body type and dislike sleeping on hard surfaces then this memory foam mattress is simply not made for you. You must keep one thing in mind that any memory foam mattress that comes in a density of 2lb is a hard surface mattress. Although it provides maximum support and spinal cord alignment but we cannot trust its softness and memory foam layer at all. In customers reviews, we have found that customers are very happy with its hardness and firmness but those who were looking forward to a softer surface are completely annoyed by the quality of this mattress.

No More Backache:

If you are suffering from any kind of body ache or back pain then Signature sleep 8 inch memory foam mattress can offer you a relaxing sleep. Its special firm and flat surface eliminates motion disturbance, confronts to body weight & shape while relieving pressure focused on shoulders, hips and feet. This is quite a good thing in this memory foam mattress as most of us today look forward to a memory foam surface which can actually help our body in staying its natural shape. This memory foam mattress offers proper weight distribution facility for human body which ultimately results in relieving pressure from different pressure points of our body like neck, shoulders, hips and feet. And everyone knows that if you have relieved weight from pressure points than you will ultimately get a proper sleep.

Compatible Package For a Happy Family:

The Signature Sleep 8 inch memory foam mattress is shipped to customers in folded form packed in a plastic cover. It takes around 24-48 hours to get into its original shape once you uncover it. Many customers have found it pretty much comfortable and scentless. Customers reviews about its retaining shape are quite interesting as most of them are finding it a bit easy to get back into its original position in 48 hours. However, there are reviews available at Amazon in which customers are talking about this memory foam mattress and have stated that their mattress is still leaving space empty and has not managed to get back into its original position even after 2 weeks of purchase.


>>>2inch density ensures a firm flat surface for you spinal cord

>>>8 inch memory foam mattress in very reasonable price

>>>Adjusts to body weight

>>>Relieves pressure on body joints & equally adjusts according to your weight

>>>Shipped in folded form

>>>Long lasting and comfortable mattress


>>>Customers have found it harder than it should be

>>>Shipped in folded form which often takes more than 48 hours to get back into its original shape

>>Thickness is not as much as it is advertised

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After reading reviews of different customers, we have found that this product is at least delivering the value for money. You cannot get such quality in just $200 but still some customers think that due to its shipment in rolled form, it does not offer that much comfort to the sleep that it should be. However, if you are tight in budget and looking forward to get something reasonable then this product will work best for you.

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