Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sleep innovations is a well known memory foam mattress manufacturing company with lots of high quality products in the market. For this review, we have picked up “Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress” that comes along a 20 Years Manufacturers warranty. Let’s have a look at its different features.

Product Features

A Thick Comfortable 12 Inch Layering:

The special 12 inch thick memory foam mattress by Sleep Innovations comprises of 2 layers; a 2.5 inch sure temp breathable top layer and a 9.5inch responsive memory foam mattress support. Both layers, when work together, offer a premium quality sleep and comfortable rest place without heating it up. The breathable top layer of this memory foam mattress is very soft and offers sleeper with a deep sleep every night. As compared to most of the other memory foam mattress available in 12 inch size, this Sleep innovations mattress is really impressive as it has a thick layering of breathable memory foam mattress which increases blood circulation in body and enables the sleeper to enjoy a perfect sleep every night. It has 2.5 inch thick layering which is found in very rare bedding products.

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No More Sleep Disturbance:

Sleep innovations 12 inch memory foam mattress is coming with a special 2.5 inch Shiloh memory foam layer that promises no more disturbed sleep. In traditional memory foam mattress, heat retains which causes a disturbed sleep. However, this is not the case with Shiloh memory foam mattress as it is made with open cell memory foam which is both comfortable and breathable. The improved air flow of this mattress layer ensures a cool deep sleep every night. Best thing about breathable memory foam mattress is that it comes with open cell memory foam layering which increases blood circulation in body. It also begins to get cooler just as human body touches it. this means in summers you are going to enjoy a cool deep sleep without any fear of having a thick & heavy mattress underneath you.

How Much Dense This Mattress is?

The Sleep innovation’s 12 inch memory foam mattress comes in a 3lb memory foam density which shows that it is neither too soft nor too firm. It is slightly firm and provides maximum comfort to spinal cord. It comes with reduced tossing and turning during night which ultimately means a comfortable and deep sleep every night. 3lb memory foam density is also very famous for its moderate make up which ensures that you will get a proper sleep every night. It is neither too firm nor too soft rather it delivers a soothing comfortable feel to the person sleeping over it.

What Is Target Audience For This Product?

Sleep innovations have made this exclusive queen size memory foam mattress for all the youngsters out there. Although this mattress offers equal rest and comfort to users of every age however, people belonging to the young age group have liked this product more than the old users. in customers reviews, we have seen that a few adults are not happy with this product, however parents are very happy to make purchase of Sleep innovations memory foam mattress as this has allowed their kids enjoy a proper and flawless sleep every night.

Customer Reviews:

By looking at customers reviews at Amazon, we have come to a conclusion that more than 85% people are satisfied with this product as they think they have got something reasonable in low prices. They are even considering it better than the old technology of spring foams. This memory foam mattress is also famous among customers because of its non-smell appearance as most of the big memory foam mattress manufacturing companies are offering products with extreme odor. Luckily this product is away from any sort of annoying odor which ultimately leads to a fresh feel every time you will hit the bed. Few customers are not happy with this product as they think it is little hard to be a memory foam mattress. Others are not finding it a comfortable product to go for. This might be a case with only few out there but majority of the customers is very happy with this product.

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  • >>>Heat resistant with open cell memory foam
  • >>>Comes with a 20 year manufacturer warranty
  • >>>Anti-alergic & anti dust mite technology
  • >>>Slightly firm surface with enhanced comfort
  • >>>No more tossing & turning
  • >>>5 inch Shiloh memory foam layers offers cool feel
  • >>>Washable cotton covers


  • >>>Mattress appears to be little hard for some customers
  • >>>Not very well-known company/brand 


By reading different reviews at Amazon and other websites, I have come to the conclusion that this memory foam bed by Sleep Innovations falls under the category of average mattresses which can offer you value for money. It is not as much comfortable and great as company claims it but still it is pretty good for those who are looking forward to a firm & hard mattress in average prices.

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