Sleep Master 8-Inch Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sleep Master is one of the major memory foam mattress manufacturing companies with lots of products in the market. The major focus of Sleep Master is to deliver customers with high quality living style in reasonable prices. The quality of this memory foam manufacturer has always been great but as we all know that every product has its pros and cons and that is why we are going to write a review for this product. Let’s check out its main features and how they make it a perfect choice for everyone with a tight budget.

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A 3 Layer Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress:

The sleep master 8 inch memory foam is a perfect combination of a 2 inch memory foam layer, 2 inch super foam with pressure relief system and a 4 inch high density foam base. This amazing combination of memory foam with super foam offers sleeper with deep sleep every night without causing back pain or any other type of pains. This memory foam mattress is a comfortable cushion for your whole body. The first few touches make you feel the firmness of this memory foam mattress and it gradually begins to mold according to your body weight and shape. Customer reviews about its responsiveness and firmness are also quite satisfying which means this product is at least covering the first part of its job.

Reasonable 3lb Density:

Most of the queen sized memory foam mattress available in the market is not coming with such an amazing 3lb density but this mattress is offering you a proper firmness in very reasonable prices. The best memory foam density is often rated between 3lb to 5lb and this memory foam mattress is coming with a 3lb density which is certainly a good thing. 3lb density is also very common in memory foam mattress because of its highly reliable and firm surface. It is neither too firm nor too soft rather it stands somewhere more to firm side. The mattress begins as a firm surface but it slowly conforms to the body of the sleeper.

Special Pressure Relief System:

This feature is something worth talking about in this review. We have not seen this feature coming in most of the memory foam mattress available in this range. Although companies tag their products with different things like pressure relief memory foam or something like that but a special layer of super foam with pressure relief system is only available in this memory foam mattress. The major benefit of having a pressure relief system installed in a memory foam mattress is that it enables you to say a permanent good bye to all your back pains. This pressure relief system gently works with your body by providing it maximum support and comfort. It offers maximum support to the spinal cord of sleeper which ultimately turns into a no pain relief system. As far as the customers views about this feature are concerned, this product is really offering them for what they have bought it.

Sleep Green Formula:

This Sleep Master’s 8inch memory foam mattress is coming with an eco friendly “Sleep Green” technology which enables the sleeper to enjoy a healthy sleep every night. By using Sleep Green formula, they have balanced the comfort of your sleep with different ingredients that are safe and healthy for both you & environment. Sleep Master has also made use of high quality bio foam which ultimately reduces the use of petroleum based oils in manufacturing of memory foam mattress. This ultimately returns in reducing the pollution spread by your lovely memory foam mattress. If we are going to review this product from health perspective then there is no match to it in this budget.

EverGreen & ActivCharcoal Infused Mattress:

This is another plus point of this memory foam mattress made by the industry leaders Sleep Masters. The special infusion of EverGreen Tea extract in this memory foam mattress means a lot for all those people who are worried about the smell of memory foam. We all know that memory foam mattress often have an annoying odor which most of us hate too but this special use of green tea extract eliminates any type of smell from the mattress and offers a fresh feel every time to sink into it.


  • >>>8 inch special memory foam with 3 layers
  • >>>2inch memory foam, 2 inch super foam with pressure relief system & 4 inch high density foam
  • >>>3lb reasonable memory foam density for better firmness
  • >>>Ever Green tea extract to eliminate annoying odor
  • >>>Green Sleep formula for better sleep
  • >>>Comfortable & soft memory foam top
  • >>>Shipped in rolled form( retains its shape & size in 48 hours)

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>>>A few customers are not satisfied with it’s thickness.


There is nothing to add in conclusion as we have already rated this product as a must have for everyone out there looking forward to something luxury in reasonable budget. With lots of deluxe quality memory foam mattress features, this Sleep Masters 8 inch memory foam mattress is a perfect choice for a queen bed.

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