Density of Memory Foam Mattress

The difference in types of memory foam mattress is basically depends upon their density. Different density forms of a memory foam offer different cushionary effects for body which ultimately counts in comfort offered to your body. Memory foam mattress is normally available in density of 2lb to 5lb. there are also other density variations available in memory foam which range from 6lb to 8lb. The more dense memory foam is the heavier and expensive it would be.

Mostly people think that the best memory foam mattress is the one that is more dense and expensive but this is not the case at all. The perfection of memory foam is only measured by the level of comfort it offers to the users. The most comfortable memory foam mattress has a density between 3lb to 5lb.

MemoryFoam Mattress Density

Choose Right Density – As we know that memory foam mattress is available in different variations of density and it requires certain attention to recognize which one density is perfect for your body. We have researched and find out that best memory foam mattress can be chosen from 3lb, 4lb and 5lb mattresses. All of these mattresses are good for a better and sound sleep. Although all three are not same in performance and responsiveness but there are a few good things about them.

The 3lb memory foam mattress is a little firmer because it has a few amount of memory inside it. It does not have quick responsiveness or return to original shape feature and it is perfect for those who are looking for a bit firm mattress – example the people who want a best mattress for back pain then 3lb memory foam mattress should be the right choice.

The 5lb memory foam has similar features to 3lb as it is a bit firmer with more memory stuffed into it. It has a slow recovery time which means not a quick responsive memory bedding but more softer.

And finally the 4lb memory is the most comfortable of all and it comes with a good recovery time and perfect body shape adjustment. If you are looking for a comfortable yet durable memory foam mattress then this is one is just right. It is light in weight and soft in feel. It gives the best feel to users and it quickly adapts to the body shape of the person lying over it. However, if you are looking forward to something that offers a luxurious feel then you can go for 5lb memory foam mattress. It is the most durable form of memory foam mattress and most of the customers are very happy with it.

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